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Lace members Beverley Mahood, Giselle and Corbi Dyann are not trying to reinvent the wheel. They just want to entertain. Actually "just" is hardly the accurate word: they're committed to it body and soul. Fortunately, they've got the musical goods to go with such determination.

The charismatic performers deliver harmony-driven contemporary country music that immediately captivates listeners. Translating their high-energy stage show into an inspired album, the dynamic trio's self-titled 143/Warner Bros. debut captures Lace's flair, soul and talent.

Lace is about great lead and harmony vocals from three bright-eyed, unpretentious women who have something to say. Each of them likes to say it differently, making it all the more interesting.

"We're all about having a good time," says Corbi. "It's suppose to be fun. We have a great time performing our music and it shows."

Lace features three strong - very strong - solo singers who sound magical when they join together singing in harmony. It's unique to hear a group of three individuals who are equal parts exceptional solo singers and equal parts powerful harmony singers. Lace does not just have one lead singer. Beverley, Giselle and Corbi each showcase their vocal talents, trading off melody lines throughout the album's dozen tracks. (They're music has been likened to hit pop group Wilson Phillips in this regard.)

Longtime friends Beverley and Giselle have been singing harmony together for years, lending vocal support to each other's projects in Ontario, Canada, where they were making separate solo careers for themselves. Lace was born when renowned Canadian producer, arranger, composer and musician David Foster tipped them to Corbi (Lace's "All American Girl" from Austin, Texas) and put his support behind the hip, new country vocal group.

"David had this great idea for a girl group," says Beverley. "He said it was going to be great and that he wanted me to be a part of it. My response to him was that I wanted to be a part of anything that was great!"

Beverley quickly recommended Giselle for the group since they were friends, co-writers and Giselle sung a perfect third above her.

"Beverley and I have been friends and have sung together for several years," says Giselle, "so becoming a member of Lace is a natural extension of something that has always been great."

Knowing they were searching for a third member, Corbi charmed Beverley and Giselle before they even had the chance to meet the spirited Texan in person.

"She sent us a videotape that let us get to know her," explains Giselle. "She did a bunch of little skits that were just hysterical. Bev and I were cracking up. What she did on the videotape told us that she wasn't afraid to try anything, that she had guts and could be crazy when she wanted to be. Then it was a great blend when we got together to sing. You can pick out each individual voice, yet when our voices are together we have a very unique sound."

"It's a perfect fit," chimes in Corbi "all three of us originally set out to have our own personal, solo careers. However, it's very appealing when something like this comes together-when you have such great people by your side and you know it's much stronger than what you can do alone."

"There's something really cool that happens when you're on stage with two other women," agrees Beverley. "The three-part harmony takes you to a higher level of energy and excitement. And there's no telling what the three of us are going to do each night. When you're on stage as a solo artist, you know exactly what you're going to do every night. When you're on stage with two other women, there's no telling what will happen. We are very funny on stage. We mock each other. We poke fun at each other. There's no telling what the other is doing behind your back. That's fun. It keeps us going every night."

Fourteen-time Grammy Award winner David Foster recognizes special talent when he comes across it. Hearing Lace was no exception. Foster's work with hit makers Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton and Madonna prepared him for working with the gifted, fearless and ultra-driven performers in Lace.

Recording part of the album outside of Nashville with a producer who has made a name for himself outside of Music Row illustrates the band's willingness to break from the contemporary country pack. It is also unique that the country group turned to Lilith Fair brainchild Sarah McLachlan for song material. "Angel," written by fellow Canadian music star McLachlan, is one of the songs Foster produced on the Lace album.

"David really pushed our ability," maintains Corbi. "He got the best out of us. Expectations are high, especially when you know he was working with someone like Barbra Streisand the day before."

"When I first recorded with David I was sure I had nailed one take of a song," says Beverley. "His response was 'Beverley, that's the best one of the takes I won't be keeping. I hated that and I loved that."

Bringing variety to the project, Lace also worked with producers Chris Farren, Humberto Gatica and J. Richard Hutt to create a sound the threesome can call their own.

The trio was very involved with selecting the material on the Lace album, and the group members also brought original compositions to the table: Beverley's "True Love (Never Goes Out Of Style)" and Giselle's "He Can't Talk Without His Hands."

"Writing is a big part of our careers," notes Giselle. "It's an amazing feeling to see people singing the words to a song you wrote as if they relate to every word, as if they had written the words themselves. It is really neat to connect with people on that level."

"I Want A Man," the album's opening number and lead off single, is a fitting introduction to Lace. The catchy chorus lines "I don't want a man I can live with/I want a man that I can't live without" reflect the group's feisty attitude. The song is about a person holding out for exactly what they want in life-no settling, no half-baked dedication.

The same is true about Beverley, Giselle and Corbi's career stance. Lace tirelessly entertains listeners with tight, creative songs that are inspiring and enjoyable to listen to-no settling, no half-baked dedication.

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